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BASED in south Warrington, Energy Studios is a project recording studio equipped with the latest pro music recording and mastering software.

We are specialists in audio recording. Therefore, if you want to record a song, a full album or just require some 'voice-over' audio for an audio book, company blog or message for loved ones, contact us to book as much studio time as you require.

WE ARE ALSO MOBILE. If you need broadcast quality audio recording of your concert, business podcast, audio-book or anything else audio based, contact us now for our best rates.


Do you have a budding POPSTAR in the family? Why not have her/him professionally recorded? This is an excellent birthday treat that your whole family will love that lasts forever.

If your browser doesn't support modern video, please view with Google Chrome.

Alternatively, CLICK HERE to download the movie.





IF you are a musician and have already recorded your track and need it to sound as good as possible, then take advantage of our online mastering option. We will master your song to broadcast and streaming levels.



At only £25 per track, you have nothing to lose. If not completely satisfied, it's simple - don't pay us. No questions asked.


Get 3 tracks mastered for the price of 2.

Simply quote - 'WARRINGTON RECORDING STUDIO OFFER' at time of order.





ENERGY STUDIOS provides professional mixing facilities for all types of music and voice over recording in its compact Warrington, Cheshire recording studio.


We believe you should only spend your money wisely. You can do this by 'sketching' out your music on your home PC and then bringing the subsequent recorded files to us so that we can add overdubs whilst taking advantage of our industry standard equipment and software.

If you have already recorded a song with your own software and would like to have it professionally mixed to get the most clarity and punch available, please contact us now.


NOT all audio has been recorded perfectly. Perhaps you have an old cassette recording that you'd like to be 'digitally cleaned'. Well, that's where we can help.


As the only Warrington based audio restoration specialists, we are often called upon to improve the sonic qualities of old cassette recordings of loved ones. Or, to bring out the clarity in important business meeting recordings.


If you have an audio file that requires some 'loving care' and restoration, please CONTACT US. We'll do our best to make it sound like it was recorded today.


LOOKING for a print design and 'InDesign CC' specialist in Warrington?

AFTER MORE THAN A DECADE, our experience is extremely varied. We like to design brochures, letterheads, theatre programs, promotional flyers, business cards, posters, newspaper adverts, website adverts and whatever else you need to promote your product or brand.

When it comes to creating the right image for you, superb design is utterly essential to generate interest. As you know, your business will benefit from being branded effectively.

We'll work with you to bring your ideas to life, from initial concept right through until completion. We aim to be as cost effective as possible.

We devote time to your project to ascertain what is yours and your projects ethos. From this point, working alongside you, we discover an individual perspective to help you stand out.

After all, when you succeed, we do too. Let's face it, if we can do a fantastic job on your print design project, we stand a better chance of you using another of our services too.

DOES YOUR DANCE SCHOOL need an elegant programme creating for your show?


Get in touch now so that we can arrange to photograph rehearsals and work with you to write great copy. CONTACT NOW














Words are our business

At ENERGY STUDIOS, we write effective 'copy' for all media and digital platforms. We work quickly because we know your time is important. So, as a result, we price very competitively.

Whether it's for a website, a brochure, a magazine or on-line training courses, words are our business.

Working from your brief, we can get your message across succinctly and effectively.



When you hire ENERGY STUDIOS, you benefit from the service of a highly qualified English degree graduate who has spent considerable time not only in the classroom of a grammar school but also someone who has years of experience working in industry and sales.


We appreciate that you can write all the text required for your website, brochure or speech. Furthermore, we understand your writing might not need improving - but if it does - we can help 'polish' what you have written. Not only does this give a fresh perspective to your writing, it also frees up your time.


How Much Will It Cost ?

Many people think they can't afford a copywriter?  As a result, they end up spending a very large amount of stressful time that might be better utilised producing other important work to make your business productive.

Being in business yourself, as you'll appreciate it is difficult to state one price for all jobs. What we can say is, we care great value for your money. You've nothing to lose by getting in touch.

Whether you are in Warrington, Chester, Crewe or anywhere in the country, here at ENERGY STUDIOS we would be delighted to produce clear and concise, persuasive copy for individuals or companies.



EVERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS has a strong design or logo that instantly identifies them to their clients.

Think of APPLE, COCA-COLA, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE. They all have simple design that subliminally pushes their ethos into the consumers' mind.

If you want a logo creating for your business that will help identify you, please contact us for a chat and we'll talk over what we can do for you.


In the unlikely event you don't like what we can do for you in terms of designing a logo, we will find another local graphic designer for you at no extra cost. That's our confident guarantee.

That said, at ENERGY STUDIOS, we offer very affordable, great quality logo design. Like you , we know a logo is not only an image that represents your business, it's also a reflection of your business mood.   GIVE US A CALL




We specialise in providing superb quality PA systems for your event / gig.





WARRINGTON Photo & Video specialists.

Looking for Warrington wedding photography, corporate, family or music photography? Not only are we specialists, but we LOVE it!

We have to admit it. Photography is a passion for ENERGY STUDIOS. When you allow us to capture your world, we produce images that you will hang on your wall forever.


She & theNanigans

Click to DOWNLOAD their version of 'Treasure'.


Whether creating images for our Lake District wedding clients or photographing and videoing a party atmosphere in Stockton Heath restaurants, Warrington photography specialists ENERGY STUDIOS always deliver to your total satisfaction and at a price to match your budget.




Affordable Warrington based videographer, ENERGY STUDIOS provides industry standard videos for a wide variety of clients.

We are justifiably proud of our second to none reputation for videography in the Warrington and surrounding Cheshire area. As you know, video is one of the most important mediums available in today's online world when you need to promote your business.

Video is one of the easiest way to advertise & promote your business and ensures you introduce your company to potential clients whilst producing a strong impression. It's not just about visuals though. A well thought through video actively encourages longer visits to your website and greatly assists SEO.


Are you based in the Warrington area and need a video to show off your company? Whether you are located in Warrington or further afield, we pride ourselves on producing corporate videos for you that exceed your expectations.

Have you got a show you want to be recorded? We have covered a number of shows recently including the infamous Lymm Rugby Club Xmas panto.


If you are looking for a music video for yourself as a singer or a band, contact us and let us help you create a great looking music video for your website or place on YouTube for the world to see.


A wedding day DVD is a once only opportunity to capture and treasure forever one of the most important days of your life.

Sounds of laughter, tears of joy and unexpected moments all add up to capturing and retaining your big day forever, not just for you, but for your children and grandchildren too.

For more details of how we can make your special day even more memorable, CLICK HERE to view our packages.




We use ADOBE programs to create animation and illustration.

We love animation and realise how powerful it can be to present a product or service.

We also love elegant illustration to provide a distinct look. We can even turn the photographs into illustrations for you to hang on your office wall.


ILLUSTRATION SLIDESHOW - Click first image to start.

  • Energy Studios Sketch
  • Energy Studios-10 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-11 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-12 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-13 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-14 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-15 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-16 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-17 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-2 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-20 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-21 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-22 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-23 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-24 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-25 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-26 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-28 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-29 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-4 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-5 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-6 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-7 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-8 Sketch
  • Energy Studios-9 Sketch


ENERGY STUDIOS is a local Warrington web site design company. We know you are busy so let's cut to the chase. You want a website. We'd like to design and build an affordable SEO driven HTML5 responsive website for you.

We focus on building elegant looking websites that your clients will find easy to navigate and, consequently, pick up the phone to call you. Our speciality is creating websites for business start-ups, sole traders and small to medium sized companies.

Of course, if you are further afield than Warrington, then we would still be delighted to work with you to create your online presence that will engage your clients.



DO YOU WANT TO BE SEEN by as many customers/clients as possible? Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is an online marketing tool which helps to improve the visibility of a website on the World Wide Web. It does this by improving its rank in the search engine listings. This has to be done in an ethical manner.

Here at Warrington web site design company ENERGY STUDIOS, we build all our sites with 'introductory' SEO at the forefront of the website design process and we do this at no extra cost.

We recommend you let your website 'settle in' for a month before considering further, deeper search engine optimization. This allows us to adjust your site's organic search engine optimization parameters after we have submitted it to all the major search engines.


WE LOVE TO HELP businesses make money from the web, no matter how big or small your business is. Let's face it - If you make money, then you'll recommend us to your friends.

We specialize in helping small to medium businesses integrate eCommerce into their website so that they can immediately see a return on their investment.